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It's Cooler with Trees

Creating appreciation for the beauty and importance of trees. 



Anna Lauren Lerner, 22' is a high school senior and the eco-leader for her Sustainability Club. She is the founder of Hawaii's Tree Awareness Month and #TakeDaTreeChallenge. An environmental activist, ballerina, artist, runner, and chef, she grew up on the beautiful tree-lined streets of Nu'uanu and is passionate about preserving Honolulu's urban canopy and old-growth trees.


Our Initiatives

We take on projects that raise awareness, knowledge and appreciation for trees. Our vision is a renewed community love for trees, their importance and beauty.


Tree Awareness Month

Established in the spring of 2021, April is now officially Tree Awareness Month in Hawaii. SCR218 was passed by the Hawaii State Senate and the month was also proclaimed by Governor Ige and Mayor Caldwell. Contact us to get involved and learn more about our Tree Awareness Month Festival in April 2022. Volunteer for community organizations that support trees.


tree campus k-12

The Tree Campus K-12 programs allows schools to receive recognition from the Arbor Foundation for promoting tree-centric learning. The program inspires next generation of tree stewards through experiences that bring to life the benefits of trees both inside and outside the classroom. 



This initiative encourages people to be aware of trees and their cooling effect on temperature. 1) Go anywhere in a public place, 2) identify where you are, 3) take a photo or video of yourself in the blazing hot sun, then under the protective canopy of a tree. 4) Note the difference in temperature under a tree (up to 10 degrees cooler). 5) Post your tree challenge video to your Instagram.



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